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Sales Glass and Aluminum Supply Corporation (SGA) upholds the integrity of glass an aluminum distribution service braving the constant demand of the industry focusing on end user’s contentment. Beneficial and Lucrative relationship for all concerned is the guiding mission of SGA. Achieving the mission imply full dedication to protect the interest and to secure the relationship of every distributor with SGA. Only via invariable marketing innovation, global focus, and unmitigated customer service will SGA sustain its leadership in the industry. Observance of the moral business ethics an indisputable integrity in business is SGA’s threading ground as it endeavor into lateral and vertical expansion in glass and aluminum industry.

SGA pledged on ensuring the wellness and pleasure of all customers to exhibit our trustworthiness as your partner in all users’ demand for glass and aluminum, and the accessories. As our hand is extended at your demand, our heart beats with dedication to your trust.

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1311-1313 Claro M. Recto Avenue, Sta. Cruz, City of Manila, Philippines

Telephone Numbers:
02 8 7117447
02 3 4950885
02 8 7315262
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+63 (2) 732-2209
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